Container Deployment

Putting a new cart system into place can be one of the most critical periods in the acceptance of a new system for your customers. By letting industry leader CDSRVS handle your container deployment and/or removal you are free focus your efforts on maintaining your existing business. We can handle the job from start to finish, including the receiving of containers from the manufacturer, inventory and tracking of the received carts for capital cost control, and finally the unit assembly/labeling and curb or roadside delivery to your customers.

Container Maintenance

From on-site container cleaning/deodorizing and repairs to container relabeling, CDSRVS is a total maintenance provider. Whether you just need a few carts in the field cleaned, have carts that need to be repaired, or need thousands of containers relabeled, we can help. Using our signature, patented process of PolyWelding, we can make un-usable carts usable again. Repaired carts are ultimately as good as new, without the expense of purchasing a replacement unit, saving money and helping the environment in the process.

Complete Container Management

CD SRVS provides much more then installation/removal and maintenance of solid waste containers, it can provide Complete Container Management to it’s municipal/private/public solid waste customers. Complete Container Management encompasses an entire system of services surrounding effective delivery, removal, and maintenance of one of your most valuable assets – your carts. Implementation of Complete Container Management allows you to focus on your core business – trash collection, waste transer, and recycling – while knowing a key component of customer satidfaction and cart management is being handled swiftly, professionally, and effectively.

Auditing & Debt Recovery

Through the use of our computerized tracking and response systems and camera programs, CDSRVS can provide reliable compliance and route auditing. Whether you are interested in route rightsizing, or debt recovery, contact us and let us put together a custom solution to best fit your needs.

Special Events

Nothing ruins an event’s ambiance faster than a dirty, messy venue. CDSRVS has special events management teams that have experience organizing and managing some of the largest special events in the country. Organization, teamwork, training, and the application of specialized equipment and technology help ensure that your special event is remembered for the right reasons. From trash/litter collection to street and sidewalk sweeping/washing – CDSRVS can be your single source solution.